9-11-01 - A Day that will not be forgoten

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Updated 9-7-03

     What I am about to do is something I thought I would never do.  That is to put political views on a web page of mine.  After watching the TV at work on that fateful day I didn't know what to feel.  Feelings went the gambit..from numb, to extreme anger, to sorrow.  No matter where you were, or who you knew, we all felt like we were hit with the weight of the world that day.  So what do we do now?  Do we wipe out an entire belief?  Do we wipe out a country?  We can do neither...what we must do is wipe off the face of the earth those extremist who attacked us.  It is our duty to do so.  Our Duty to those who were lost, duty to the families who lost their love ones, duty to those who are so desperately searching for survivors, and our duty to make America a safer place for our children once again.  There is no Glory in war...no rejoicing in war...only justice being dealt out.  And it will not be a quick TV War as the Gulf War was.  Yes, we may very well have more lives lost in this battle.  Though those warriors who will place themselves in harms way are the very people who will protect us.  The ones we should give our respect to.  No matter what any of us do, please support our Troops and those such as the Red Cross.  They are the ones who have left their families to help find the ones lost.  And our Troops will be the ones that will go out to complete our duty to those hurt that day, and deliver our Justice to all those involved.  I will give my support and prayers to all those lost, their families, to those who will stand in harms way for them, and a prayer that sanity will take hold of the world so that things like this may end and never happen again.

     Please continue to support our Troops and their families.  Right now they are the ones giving their all to end this nightmare.


     Here it is nearly 2 years later and the world is still in ciaos.  We still have troops in Afghanistan and are still fighting what is left of Saddam’s supporters and other terrorist that have come to run us out of Iraq.  Should we have gone into Iraq?  Not for the reasons that were given.  The Weapons of Mass Destruction don’t seem to be there, nor do they seem to have been there anymore.  But we are there never the less and we need to finish the job that we started there.

     After nearly 2 years Afghanistan is nearly forgotten by the press.  In fact unless we lose one of our troops you don’t hear anything about Afghanistan.  It is like it doesn’t exist.  Which for the most part of our “rebuilding of Afghanistan” is the same.  It doesn’t exist.  We have troops there that are putting their lives on the line and putting their families thru hardships.  Though what are we doing there?  There doesn’t seem to be much of anything being done there outside of Kabul.  The Warlords seem to control the countryside and the Taliban are regrouping their power base.  There are supposed to be elections held sometime before the end of this year.  Will we really see them, or have we just given the Afghan people the ol’ US “moved on to other items that interest us”....such as Iraq.  We went in there to take out the Taliban and al-Qa'ida.  That mission still has to be completed.  Both organizations are still out there and are still killing our troops.  Both are still keeping Afghanistan and Iraq in a state of ciaos.  Though what are our troops putting their lives on the line for there?  Do we still care to rebuild or are we just there because no one really knows how to get out of there and save face?  Only time will tell....

     Iraq on the other hand is a completely different animal.  We went in to find WMD’s and now can’t say if there were any in there at all.  No one knows if Saddam actually had them or had already destroyed them years before.  I do believe that Saddam needed to be taken out, but I don’t like that the reason we went in was for WMD’s.  Unless we can produce them, our standing in the world community has just taken a permanent dive in a downward direction.  Though we are going to fail rebuilding Iraq if we do not get our collective heads out of the sand.  We are making major mistakes right and left in Iraq.  Seems that the officials our government has sent there to take charge really don’t know or understand how to get things back on track.  I will say we do have one bright light in the area of reconstruction.  I don’t remember his name, but he is the commander of the 101st units that are north of Bagdad.  He has done a lot to get things back on track in that area of the country.  He has also done a lot to make the relations between the Iraqis and the troops better.  Now if Bremer would just look to his north and talk to this commander, I think we could actually finish what we started there.  Though if he doesn’t we will be in for a very long stand.  All most here want is for Iraq to be on it’s own and for our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, and friends to come home safe.  They are there doing the job they swore to do when they signed up.  They will stay there as long as it takes.  But unless our government officials gets their collective heads out of the sand it will be a very, very long stay.  Lets get the job done.  Get Iraq back on its feet and able operate as a real government.  So that as few as possible of our loved ones will give the supreme sacrifice.


     Here it is nearly a year and a half later.  We are still in Afghanistan and now are poised to attack Iraq.  For what it is worth is seems that the world is going crazy at a not too slow pace.  Here we have a dictator in Iraq who has used chemicial weapons and even if his own troops get hit by them.  Then on the other side of China we have North Korea who seems to be uping the stakes every time we ignore them.  Even to the point now of them saying that they will make Korea as a whole glow, should we attack or try to put their reactor offline for good.  Then to top all that the world markets are taking such a roller coster ride that no one knows if things will get better or not.

     All that I do know for sure is that our troops...our fathers, brothers, mothers, sisters, and our friends...are now standing in harms way.  Regardless how I or anyone reading this feels about this being right or not.  We should all be behind those in the military and their familes.  No matter who is making the decisions, those who will bore the brunt of all the emotions, trama, and upheavels in their lives are those who are told to go, and their loved ones they leave behind.  So no matter if you are for or against the war that may happen.  At least let those who are sent over and their familes that you appriciate their dedication and the suffering that they must go through in these times.  For they are the same people who will come in and help dig us out should we be attacked on US soil again.

     The graphic I had at the bottom of this page has been removed.  The Families of Freedom Scholarship has reached their goal.  So with this the children of those who died on 9-11-01 will have the funds to finish their education.  Thanks to all who donated.

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