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Who am I?

  • In the SCA I am known as Seamus Corrigan, OP
  • To most everyone else I am just plain ol' Jim, a husband and father
  • Though no matter where you meet me I am the same.  One who believes in Chilvary and treats all as Equals
  • Below are links to my Fraternity and College


  Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia       Southeast Missouri State University

     I am one that does not fit in the normal realm of society...for I believe in values that are not part of todays world.  For those values are the values of Chivarly;

Faith, Justice, Charity
Hope, Strength, Courtesy
Humility, Truth, Honor

     This concludes my list of Chivalric Virtues and leads me into the warning that I would give all those who are upon a Chivalric Path. Our greatest danger is Vainglory. It lurks behind virtues and glory. Beware excessive Pride, for it is a failing we are all open to.
     Thus I charge you to always hold your pride in check with humility, to always seek honor over glory, and to always do honor unto your Inspiration.

"For honor is worth more than gold or silver without any comparison."

     For those who also try to live by these will find my respect and my friendship.  Those who believe that values such as these are for a time forgotten, you will earn my wrath and a watchfull eye over your actions.