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Hot Potatoes Software

     Hot Potatoes is a very nice piece of software that allows you to create quizes.  You can create multipul choice, fill-in-the blank, crossword puzzles, short answer, jumbled sentence, and matching quizes.  Hot Potatoes will write the HTLM for you.  You can set the colors you wish for the different areas of the quiz and set background images.  As with the demo quizes I have created you can also setup the navagation arrows to take you to the next quiz, or back to a home page of your choice.


    The nice thing about this software is the fact that it is free to those who use it in educational pages, or personal pages.  There is a fee for those who wish to use it in a comerical setting.  To give you an idea on how the different modules work take a look at the different quizes I have made.  If you really want to find out everything there is to know about Hot Potatoes.  Then go to Half-Baked Software web site.  There you can get the latest version of the software, apply for a registration ID, learn how to use Hot Potatoes and see what other software that Half-Baked has created.