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Color Fazer....what does it do????

     Color Fazer is a neat little program that will do just what you see in the title above.  It will take a phrase, title, paragraph, or any amount of text you give to it and run a color sequence that you can set yourself or tell it to randomize.  Once you get the colors you want, you tell it to colorize it.  It will then give you a preview of your text.  Then just tell it to create the HTML for you.


This is another example of a user set color range for CF.


Another example of what Color Fazer can do with lots of text.

It even comes with some color schemes built in...this one is called Flames.


    As you can see Color Fazer can do quite a bit with your titles.  It allows you to create titles without the need to create a seperate graphic.  Which will give you better looking pages without adding the bandwith of title graphics.  Go to the Color Frazer web site to get this wonderful little software package.